We often get asked these questions:

What is matched betting? What is sure betting? What is value betting? What is arbitrage betting?

Can you do matched betting in Nigeria? Can you do sure betting in Nigeria? What is the most profitable betting strategy in Nigeria?

If you have any question that is similar to the previously asked questions, you are welcome to the PayoutStream guide on Most Profitable and Risk-Free Betting Strategies in Nigeria. We will answer all the previously asked questions with an easy-to-understand manner. So please, join us as we enter the limitless world of making money with betting in Nigeria.

First things first, let us clear the definitions:

Sure betting (a.ka arbitrage betting): a betting strategy, where you cover ALL the outcomes of a match by placing bets with different bookmakers. For example, ManU is playing Chelsea. You would bet on ManU winning on one bookmaker, a draw on another bookmaker and Chelsea winning on yet another bookmaker. This would be possible by using a sure betting calculator or doing it manually. Doing sure betting manually can potentially drive you crazy and can be risky, as you can not process the information fast enough and odds might change too fast at different bookmakers to get guaranteed profit. It is doable, however, you need a large bankroll in order to make a lot of bets per day. Best way to do sure betting with guaranteed profits and very few manual work is to sign up with a sure betting service provider. They have built a system that processes tens of thousands of odds per second in order to find odds that mathematically give you a guaranteed profit by placing pre-calculated amounts (stakes) on each outcome. Often the service includes pre-filling the odds and stake bookmakers, which means one bet with guaranteed profits can take as few as 5 seconds. Requires around 6-7 different bookmakers account when starting out. Profit margins with a service provider around 10-25%.


very low risk (risk-free)

very profitable with a large bankroll

very easy with a betting service provider


requires a (large) bankroll of around 150k when starting out

manually very tedious and potentially risky

Value betting: a betting strategy, where you bet on an outcome that has a greater probability of happening than the odds at the bookmaker suggest. For example, if you were to bet on a coin to either land on ‘heads’ or ‘tails’, you would assume the probability statistically to be 50%. That equals to odds of 2.00 (1/0.5=2.00). Now imagine that a bookmaker for that deal is offering you odds 2.15 for the outcome of ‘head’. Clearly, the actual odds are 2.00 and you should bet on the ‘head’, as the odds are obviously ‘too high’ compared to the actual odds. Similarly, in sports betting, there are hundreds of bookmakers using various techniques to determine their odds, some doing it better than others, some being better is specific sports. With betting service providers, you can have access to the results of a very rigorous statistical data processing which leads to showing you the actual most likely odds. Now, your job will be to take advantage of the ‘overpriced’ odds and benefit from it financially. Requires only 1 bookmaker account, however, at optimal 3-4. Profit margins with a service provider around 10-25%.


the easiest, as you will be betting only on one outcome at a time

very profitable, but over time

can start with a medium bankroll or around ₦80k


not risk-free as you will have downswings (be prepared to lose some bets, as you do not cover all outcomes)

Matched betting: a betting strategy, where you will bet on all outcomes of a sports event. Main 2 differences between matched betting and sure betting are: 1) in sure betting you would bet on all outcomes on difference bookmaker accounts, with matched betting you take advantage of the betting exchanges (so you only make 2 bets per one match). We will explain this further below. 2) in matched betting you take advantage of the offer and promotions given out by bookmakers. 

With matched betting, you would place 2 bets: 1) back an outcome of a match (bet that a team will either win, draw, or lose) and; 2) lay an outcome of a match (bet that a team will NOT either win, draw, or lose). This means you will be taking the position of the bookmaker. This is only possible on betting exchanges, not with regular bookmakers. To see a full guide and tutorial on what matched betting is and how to make money through real-life examples, read our Step-by-Step explanation of Matched Betting. This strategy requires you to sign up with as many bookmakers as possible, in order to benefit from their opening bonuses and reload bonuses. Profit margins with or without a service provider around 60-80%.



can start with a very low bankroll of around ₦5k

can make decent side income doing it manually, but serious money with a betting service provider

can place just a few bets per day (or even less)


can be difficult to monitor when manually betting; will need to keep a record of each bet and all the transactions

human error can cause you to lose an offer (not reading through all the terms and conditions)

All of the strategies above carry the risk of getting gubbed. Being gubbed means that a bookmaker may choose to not offer you any bonuses, promotions, limit your betting stake (the amount you can bet with), or choose to close your account entirely (although the latest is not as common). This will be an unfortunate event, as your profits depend on the availability of various odds and promotions. However, luckily there are numerous bookmakers available and in case of using a service provider, you can stop their subscription at any time. 

Should I try out these betting strategies?

We strongly recommend using these strategies. Depending on your starting capital, you can move up from initially matched betting, and then move to value betting and sure betting. If you do not have any capital to start with, we suggest trying out matched betting initially on paper and pen/excel sheet. Try to make sure that by the time your capital has gathered, you have a full understanding of the procedure. We recommend reading our step-by-step explanation on Matched Betting. From our personal experience, we can only recommend these strategies to ANYONE. And we really mean it. It might look a bit daunting in the beginning, but people that have started making very substantial side income and some even full-time income after just a few months in, include people like stay-at-home mums, professionals, cooks, Uber drivers, etc. Betting does not discriminate! 🙂

We will reflect on our own experience in a few posts to follow. Please subscribe to our email list in order to get informed when we have posted our most recent results from betting. Please note that we have recordings of all our manual betting (since we started) as well as our most recent betting service provider results so that you can be confident that it is possible to start from 0 and make it gbam rather fast.

Do I need to use a betting service provider?

If you plan to start matched betting, then initially it is not required, however, strongly advised. When doing value and sure betting, we advise against betting manually. For such betting strategies, a reputable service provider is utmost important.  Matched betting can be profitable without a service provider, however, as you will be making your profits from the free bonuses and free bets, you might ‘use up’ some of the welcoming offers. Using a service provider ensures that your profits are optimal and maximized. 

Which betting service provider can you use in Nigeria?

The first and most popular arbitrage betting service in Africa is RebelBetting. They offer a 100% profit guarantee and you are free to cancel your subscription at any time you wish. For matched betting, their monthly subscription is 9 euros (3,600 NGN). Even if you start with just 10,000NGN, you will make that money back with just one-two matched bets. For sure betting, RebelBetting offers a special Nigeria deal, which is the Lite version for 19EUR per month (7,500NGN). Again, you are guaranteed to make a profit. Please check out their website and confirm for yourself that we are dealing with an approved international company that is selling a legit service.

Benefits of using RebelBetting:

Automation – all the heavy work is done for you by the system that finds the matches, the odds, the stake and the bookmakers for every bet.

Betting browser – with many of the bookmakers, RebelBetting logs you in automatically and all you have to do is click bet.

Alerts and currency conversion – do not worry about missing a good arb or a bet, you will be notified whenever there is money to be made. Similarly, you can use also international bookmakers who might use GBP or EUR as their currency. The currency conversion is built into the RebelBetting system, so you do not have to worry about having pounds or euros.

Security – RebelBetting boast with a very high level of security. In addition to the normal industry bells and whistles, they also encrypt your bookmaker logins and passwords for that extra security.

Is all this legal and legit?

Yes. These are 100% legal betting strategies. As a result, you can not be held accountable for any harm doing, because you will not be doing any harm. The reason why some bookmakers might gub you lies in the fact that they make money when you lose… And you will not be losing with these strategies.

So, what are you waiting for? Open your RebelBetting account today and you are guaranteed 100% that you will make a profit. What is there to lose!? If you have any questions about any of the strategies we mentioned or RebelBetting, please free to comment below and we will do our utmost to answer you as soon as possible.


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