Welcome to another blog post of our series “How To Make ₦500k Monthly Online – Proven Methods“.

This post focuses on selling ebooks. Previous experience or expertise is not needed and this opportunity is available worldwide. You can easily sell ebooks as a student or as an established business owner. Both would find their niche in our proven method to make around ₦5k – ₦15k per DAY. The actual amount depends a lot on your availability and will to work. Initial investment required: ₦0 – ₦20k.

Let’s get right into it. There are some awesome people on this Earth that have created a cloud-based software tool that allows you to create eBooks, manuals, reports, guides, white papers, product information packages, and other types of documents in a matter of minutes. Yes, minutes. You are going to use one of such software. How? Let me show you in the 5 steps below.

But just before that, you might have heard of a website called Fiverr. Fiverr is a very popular freelancing website where you can either find people who will do small jobs and tasks (called ‘gigs’) for you OR you can offer yourself to help people with almost anything: starting from helping them with their homework to designing a website, writing a book, creating a workout plan. Since we recommend using Fiverr also in our other ‘Proven Methods’ series in order to reach potential customers all over the world, we urge you to sign up with them, however, it is optional. 

Step 1: Create a Fiverr account. Click HERE. We use this platform as one of the main marketplaces for our ebooks. The signing up procedure is pretty straight forward and free. Please make sure to insert only correct information details, as this can affect your ability to withdraw your funds. Tip 1: If you have problems with finding an account or card to link to your Fiverr account, we highly recommend reading this blog post: How To Open a European or American Bank Account from Nigeria.

Step 2: Purchase either Sqribble or Designrr. Trust me, the 10k-20k investment will pay off VERY fast. Alternatively, you could type your e-book on Microsoft Word or any equivalent program. Please read the next step to see why these programs will turn you into a money-making machine. 

Step 3: Search for ‘ebook writing’ or similar topics on Fiverr and create a similar offer on your Fiverr profile. Tip 2: Do not copy-paste someone’s offer, but simply modify it to suit your style. Tip 3: Make sure to browse through a few offers yourself, so that you can be aware of the average price for such a service. As of July, 2019, the lowest ‘starting from’ price for an ebook on any topic is around 12k.Do you see how your initial investment could be covered simply by selling only 1 ebook!? It’s crazy. Notice, that people with more orders have managed to raise their prices even higher than 60k PER EBOOK!

Step 4: Make yourself comfortable with your chosen ebook creator software. At PayoutStream, we use both! It really depends on your preferences. They are rather similar. A few differences include a free agency website and slightly more modern design options for Sqribble. At the same time, Designrr offers import from Facebook, Facebook community access, free training on request and a lower price point. We welcome you to read our reviews on each software to see how MASSIVE the VALUE is that you will get. Sqribble review link is HERE and Designrr review link is HERE.

Step 5: While waiting or promoting offers on Fiverr, build up your own network: share your service on FB groups, with your contacts, post them on various blogs or share your FREE agency website (in case of Sqribble). Create some ebooks as examples, after all, it takes less than 5 minutes to make one! Tip 4: think BIG! There are so many people who need this service! Think locally AND globally.

Such software license normally comes with a monthly subscription fee, however, for a limited period of time both have a huge sale for ONE-TIME life-time access. That means once you have paid, you own your purchase and can create ebooks forever.

If you decide to purchase the Sqribble Standard License through any of the links from our website, you will receive exclusive bonuses: 

– 10 Additional Sqribble Templates (worth $195)

– The “eBook Profit Formula” (worth $47) will reveal how to use eBooks for marketing, leads, and sales even if you’re a complete beginner!

– $3 OFF fast movers coupon (use code: ‘spock’). This coupon will only remain active at the start of the launch and reward subscribers for taking action on day one.

If you decide to purchase the Designrr Special Offer through any of the linkds from our website, you will receive exclusive bonuses:

– Lead Conversion Secrets Video course

– “How To Get Traffic Leads and Customers” eBook

We hope you have enjoyed our 500k monthly series and you will benefit from our guide on How To Make Money Selling Ebooks. We hope you have a change to like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, subscribe to our YouTube channel and look out for other unique ways to make money online in 2019.


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